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Originally Posted by Beast View Post
Welcome, congrats on getting a M715. As for the wheels, they are not split rings, they are military safety rings and are different than split rings. They have a safety lip that prevents them from blowing apart like split rims. They can be very easy to work with if you know what you are doing, they were made to be able to be changed in the field by 18 year old soldiers without many tools. Don't call them split rings when you talk to a place, call them by their proper name and most places will understand what they are then.
Thanks for the info, I will talk to the guys at the shop I work at and go from there.

As for posting images for everyone to be able to see, you need to use a hosting site like which is free. You then link the pictures using the picture button on this page.
I have uploaded the images to my webserver, but there's no "picture button" for me to link. Only an "additional option" at the bottom to attach files. Here's a full-size screenshot:
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